Mobile Friendly Deadline Fast Approaching

Google Will Hammer Rankings of Non Mobile Friendly Sites

It’s here! April 21st is the day that Google says you better be mobile friendly! Read the full articles here. What does that mean for local business? Simple – your site will drop if it’s not mobile friendly. If you have good rankings now (even if by accident in a low competition area) your site will get spanked. If your competition has a mobile friendly site they will over take you in the search engines. You might even realize it until your phone calls die down. Here is what a mobile friendly site looks like:

Mobile Friendly Site


Its easy to read – no pinching in and out – no links that are impossible to click on. It’s easy to navigate around and potential customers won’t click away because they can’t use your site on their mobile device.

Here is what a bad site looks like:

Non Mobile Friendly Site


That image was taken from the Google mobile website checker. This site will drop on April 21st. This could prove to be the biggest update in many years – will you be ready? If you think that if you are small mom and pop plumbing company that this won’t affect you – you will be sadly mistaken. Google will not be looking at content – site layout etc. The only thing they will be looking at is mobile! It will be a simple algorithm update and nothing else.  Sites that are sitting at the top of the page will be gone – will they come back if they then get mobile optimized? That is anybody’s guess.

Is your website mobile optimized?

If your not sure you can go to our mobile checker page and see. That will give you a quick look.